Léo Delibes

Coppélia on Montmartre

  • Ballet in Two Acts by Youri Vámos I
  • Premiere: 19 April 2013
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Coppélia on Montmartre is a story about the once scandalous and almost banned dance, called cancan, the painter Toulouse-Lautrec, who was closely associated with it, the “dolls” that belonged to that world and the Hoffmann’s love couple. The choreographer Youri Vámos has staged an unforgettable and entertaining ballet hit. In the music, composed by Delibes, the choreographer recognised the composer’s masterful work, characterised by captivating zeal, rhythm and passion, glare and melancholy as well as melodies, full of poetic magic - an ingenious piece of music that flirts with the genre of musical.

The story of the full-length ballet Coppélia covers not only a piece of the musical theatre history, but also possesses something very special that has been continuously making it a part of the programmes of many theatres around the world ever since its world premiere on 25th May 1870. And this is not surprising at all, since it also reveals such universal topics as love, ambition, jealousy, success, happiness and death.

Léo Delibes became famous with his fluid compositional skill. This ballet’s premiere became a great success of the then thirty four year old composer; therefore it was exactly the ballet music that brought him his fame and reputation. Delibes was a splendidly trained composer; he had a great sense of orchestral sonority, melody, fine forming of tonal balance and rhythm. His great credit was creating of the environment and time, which was brilliantly used by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky just a few years later.