• Giselle by David Dawson - Press Release

    Adolphe Adam
    Ballet in Two Acts by David Dawson

    Premiere: 31st March 2012

    Music: Adolphe Adam
    Choreography, Concept and Stage Direction: David Dawson
    Musical Arrangement: David Coleman

    Conductor: Marko Gašperšič
    Costume Design: Yumiko Takeshima
    Set Design: Arne Walther
    Lighting Design: Bert Dalhuysen
    Dramaturgy: Freya Vas-Rhee
    Ballet Mistress: Masha Mukhamedov
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  • The Premiere of Kogoj's Black Masks – to Highlight the Events Marking the Opening of the ECOC Maribor 2012

    On Sunday, 15th January 2012, the big hall of the Slovenian National Theatre in Maribor will be a venue of the solemn premiere of the great co-production between the Opera and Ballet Slovenian National Theatre Maribor, Public Institute Maribor 2012 – European Capital of Culture and Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana, presenting the opera Black Masks by Marij Kogoj, conducted by Uroš Lajovic and directed by Janez Burger. The premiere will feature Jože Vidic, Andreja Zakonjšek Krt, Dušan Topolovec, Saša Čano, Sebastijan Čelofiga, Jaki Jurgec as well as the soloists, choir, ballet and orchestra of the Opera Slovenian National Theatre Maribor and the soloists of the Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana. This opera premiere will highlight the events, marking the opening of the ECOC Maribor 2012. ... more

  • The Fusion of Centuries – The Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana is Back Home

    On the eve of the theatre’s opening ceremony, held on 10 December 2011, a miscellany on the Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana, titled “The Fusion of Centuries” was issued as well. This was also the title of the opening ceremony, which was broadcasted live on RTV Slovenia, and the slogan of all the performances and activities, dedicated to the house’s removal, opening and 120th anniversary, which will be marked and celebrated next year. ... more

  • Renovation and Corporate Identity

    This unique blend keeps the Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana vital and propels it straight into the future. The seemingly incompatible, in fact, complements one another just perfectly. ... more