Corporate Opportunities

Lately, the classical forms of high art, such as Opera and Ballet, have been experiencing their true revival. The number of their lovers and connoisseurs is constantly increasing, owing among other things to a great break through of some internationally exposed stars, who have been constantly contributing to these noble art forms’ popularisation through their appearances on television, in films and other mass media.

It is exactly in this atmosphere that the renovation of the Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana has been planned most ambitiously, not only in terms of its building’s reconstruction and extension, but also in its radical strategic and structural renaissance, aimed to attract great artists and – with relevant productions – new audiences as well. The artistic venue, renewed in this way, offers a great opportunity to corporations and entrepreneurs to present themselves to the public as lovers and patrons of high art.

Besides the reopening of our theatre, we are also introducing the so called VIP Protocol and thus offering our patrons and lovers a possibility for some additional comforts and above all more than one’s fair share of artistic adventure and unique social opportunities. We have prepared different forms of sponsorships, which will help us realise our ambitious artistic and production plans and thus offer our patrons not only a great amount of pleasure but also a possibility to appropriately present themselves to both corporate and general public.

New theatre and new life also present new opportunities. All you need is to recognise them.