Giuseppe Verdi

The Troubadour

  • An Opera in Four ActsI
  • Premiere: 23rd March 2023
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With the pearl of his oeuvre The Troubadour, the Shakespeare of the musical theatre Guseppe Verdi, transformed from an internationally successful Italian maestro (wel-comed in various cities across the Apennine Peninsula, in Paris and London) into a genuine King of Opera, who won and convinced hearts in every part of the world. Verdi deeply understood human nature, torn between immeasurable grandeur and unimagi-nable misery.The audience at the premiere welcomed The Troubadour with shouts of acclamation, although the performance was reportedly not quite excellent. The story that takes place at the beginning of the 15th century, during one of the many civil wars on the Iberian Peninsula, enchanted the audience. The Troubadour is an opera about war and death, but also an opera of great emotions and love.
Ferrando and Azucena tell a story about Count Luna's kidnapped and murdered brother. Luna is overwhelmed with love for Leonora, but the young woman does not return his feelings, as she loves the troubadour Manrico. Imbued with great romantic emotions and expectations, she is ready to do anything, even to die for her love. For count Luna, the unfulfilled love for Leonora is the reason for a duel with Manrico. Man-rico is not only his rival in the fight for Leonora, but a political conflict also lingers be-tween the two men. The dispute between them is also ignited by the desire to avenge the death of a child caused by Manrico's mother, Azucena. Count Luna allows hatred to suffocate love, and Leonora opens the space for it in death.

The operatic musical treat and one of the most famous and frequently performed piec-es of the great Verdi will come to life on our stage in a production signed by Yulia Kristoforova, who will shed light on the story, especially as seen from Azucena's eyes. Our Or-chestra will be led by The orchestra will be conducted by Roberto Gianola.