Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill

The Threepenny Opera

  • A Co-production between the SNG Opera and balet Ljubljana and the SNG Drama LjubljanaI
  • Premiere: 20. 3. 2025
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The Threepenny Opera was already a hit at its premiere, setting at the same time a milestone in the history of the musical theatre. Its themes and style resonate with audiences even today and are thus a popular choice for theatre repertoires worldwide.  Bertolt Brecht's collaboration with Kurt Weill also represents a pinnacle of their artistic interaction and an essential contribution to the development of the theatre of the 20th century. It is a remake of John Gay's English ballad opera from the 18th century, The Beggar's Opera, in which the author expressed the Enlightenment thesis about the equality of all people. Brecht's approach to theatre aims to alienate its audiences emotionally and intellectually, encouraging them to critically engage with the social and political themes presented in the work, such as poverty, corruption and upper-class hypocrisy.