Rok Golob


  • An Opening Presentation of a New Slovenian OperaI
  • Premiere: 19. 5. 2022
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"Before the substance, there was the light, and before the light there was The Sound."

The SOUND is a story about two worlds in different times and dimensions – different yet incredibly similar - called planet Earth and planet Laxeno. It is a story about the vision and perfection woven in every human soul and powerful enough to preserve our planet. Its main character is Aton, a young Slovenian composer and violinist in a symphony orchestra. In spite of his extraordinary talent, the young man is miserable because he cannot present his original music to the audience. One night, his life turns upside down. A mysterious girl appears before him in a vision, introducing herself as Ariana. She tells him a tale of Laxeno, a planet from another solar system, destroyed by a species from a neighbouring planet. They robbed Laxeno of its natural energy sources to preserve their own planet. Ariana tells Aton that the same fate awaits Earth if he fails to enlighten people with The Sound so that they can see the dangers threatening their planet from other dimensions. Aton has to find the essential universal vibration – The Sound -, which will enable people to see Parallex – the parallel world that humans cannot see due to their limited perception of reality.

While trying to figure out the meaning of The Sound, Aton feels as if he was immersed in a trance. After many days of exhausting efforts and isolation, his inner voice tells him to write The Parallex Symphony. When he sets up composing, it almost exhausts him to death, as he puts so much of his life energy into the work. Since he fails to get support for his 'insane' vision, he decides to put on a concert by himself. The only thing that gives him the strength to complete his symphony is the thought of Ariana, which fills him with superhuman strength that is greater than life or death itself. Ariana is the epitome of Light, Love and Sound. While composing, Aton experiences all the dimensions of Parallex and sees what happened to planet Laxeno and what could happen to planet Earth. When his work is almost finished, he passes out from exhaustion. He wakes up in the hospital and learns that people have found the score at his home and that the orchestra has already played it in front of the audience. The concert was a huge success. When Aton starts telling them about his experience with Parallex, they make fun of him, explaining to him that he had to go through his personal intergalactic war to be able to write such an unusual symphony. Aton almost begins to believe them, but Ariana's whispering voice appears suddenly out of nowhere, telling him: »You did it, Aton. You have shown people the truth with the purest Sound of your soul. Parellex exists… "
Rok Golob and Gino Vannelli