The Little Prince

  • A ballet for children and youth, a novelty I
  • Premiere: 6. 9. 2024 I
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6 September 2024 18:00 SNG Opera in balet Ljubljana Premieres Premieres
7 September 2024 17:00 SNG Opera in balet Ljubljana
7 September 2024 18:30 SNG Opera in balet Ljubljana
21 September 2024 17:00 SNG Opera in balet Ljubljana
21 September 2024 18:30 SNG Opera in balet Ljubljana

Inspired by the ever-successful ballets for children and young people, we decided to enrich our existing repertoire of this kind with The Little Prince. We are therefore preparing a stage performance for which new music by the composer Aleksandra Naumovski Potisk and new choreography by Lukas Zuschlag are being created.
The novella The Little Prince by French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry came out in 1943, but the themes it addresses remain relevant today. A pilot whose plane crashes into a lonely desert meets a little prince who has left his home planet to explore the universe. On his journey, he visits six other planets in addition to Earth, and on each of them, he meets an adult who reflects on one of the problematic themes of human society: from a king without his subjects to a businessman who wants to mark and own all the stars in the sky instead of stopping and admiring them. The pilot and the little prince spend eight days together, discovering the meaning of being human, loving and being loved and growing up. The laws of nature in The Little Prince seem illogical and fanciful at first glance, but in the context of its story, they work well, reflecting the imagination of children as compared to the rationality of adults.
In the ballet story, we follow the little prince who visits several other planets besides Earth and addresses topics such as loneliness, friendship, love and loss. The performance will take its young viewers to the »theatre of the globe«, which will talk to them about magic but also about everyday life and our artistic work – and about what happens behind the scenes.
We will perform the ballet The Little Prince to the recording by our house orchestra, which will allow us to stage more performances and possibly tour abroad.