The Great Gatsby

  • Story Ballet in Two Acts by Leo MujićI
  • Premiere: 7. 11. 2019
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The internationally renowned choreographer Leo Mujić, who has conceived in recent years a series of successful story ballets, found the source material for his new choreography in the famous novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby (1925). The distinguished work from the treasury of the classical American literature exposes in a highly critical tone the negative dimensions of the great American dream and the rigidity of the decadent high society circles in New York between the two world wars that did not allow transitions between social classes. The lavish narrative of a mysterious, rich man who becomes a victim of his own love and beliefs is also a story about the lovers who are not destined to be together. It is set in the world of unimaginable wealth, intoxication and dark obsessions, saturated by a terrible moral emptiness. Although the central hero whose triumphal path leads to ruin is conceived as a myth, his tragic demise still implies the idea that man as an individual should be treated as an important entity after all. And last but not least, all of the above will sooner or later remind us of the world we live in today, where the true values become more and more distorted. The musical image of this performance is inspired by the lively, dynamic and cosmopolitan energy of the outstanding American composers.

Text: Tatjana Ažman