Symphony of Sorrowful Songs

  • A Ballet PerformanceI
  • A Hommage to Tomaž Pandur, Premiere 13. 4. 2017
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In his mind mapping of the ballet Symphony of Sorrowful Songs director Tomaž Pandur entered the landscape of time, the imaginative, unexplained and untouchable circle of our being, the landscape of life and death, the intimate history of losses, the quest of truth – as a traveller who can see farther in time and space. He has created to the music by Henrik Mikołaj Górecki seven scenic icons, coinciding in their narrative flow with the visuality of suprematism. In the other reality, the other flow of consciousness, cracks and the wounds, he painted a poem of the unsaid, in a pursuit of definition of the absolute beauty - everything that is impossible to verbalise within the migrations of thoughts, but is nevertheless manifested through the language of theatre. In his Symphony of Sorrowful Thoughts Tomaž Pandur sculpted in collaboration with the choreographer Ronald Savković the time of the unreachable, unutterable and unperceivable – the cybernetic time of the theatrical reflective equation.

“Only one journey is possible: the journey within.”
Andrei Tarkovsky