Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Swan Lake

  • A Ballet in Four ActsI
  • Premiere 16 April 2015
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Swan Lake by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840–1893) is definitely the most popular, touching and almost irreplaceable choreographic work presented in repertoirs of many ballet ensembles around the world. In this story the unusual arch between the emotional and psychological expression, the transition from mythic to real and the contrast between the human and spiritual world – the motifs, we are faithfully pursuing ever since the beginning of this season - fuse with Tchaikovsky's enticing, romantic score. We are confronted with a rather unique understanding of love, hidden beneath the grim surface of life, whose ralisation is possible only in death. This work's libretto is based on a motif, which recurs in fairy tales of many nations around the world. And yet, while its numerous interpretations flirted with its fabulousness, fantasy, realism and even philosophy, it is after all a deep spiritual drama. Its premiere in 1877 was not particularly successful. Obviously neither the audience nor the theatre itself were ready at that time to apprehend its music that stemmed from the dramatic development of its contents. The ballet truly came to life only 18 years after Tchaikovsky's death, when it was revived by L. Ivanov and M. Petipa. It was their staging that actually became this ballet's classical version.

We will upgrade our production with an original set design, conceived by Fiškin, Mohar and A. J. Weissbard. The classical staging after L. Ivanov and M. Petipa will be entrusted to Lynne Charles, a Choreographer and long-time Prima Ballerina of the Hamburg and Bejart Ballets. It will be conducted by Maestro Marko Gašperšič.