Ballet 100

  • A ballet eveningI
  • premiere 12. 4. 2018
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In 2018 we will celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the Ljubljana’s professional Ballet Ensemble, in 2018, with a new staging of a ballet triptych – an evening of choreographers, whose oeuvres have preciously enriched Slovenian ballet art in the past. This event will be a first in a series of various thematic commemorations, dedicated to this rather significant milestone in Slovenian cultural space. It is our aim to present to our audience a story that will offer an entirely new and unburdened reading of these rather unique reconstructions. Thus the restaging of the three ballet creations will also result in a dance study of the onetime context, common dance heritage and its influence on the present ballet art.

The bow

A Dance Poem

Pia (1910–2000) and Pino (1907–2006) Mlakar - a renowned European artistic couple of dancers, choreographers and ballet pedagogues -, have left an indelible mark on Slovenian ballet. Their iconic dance duet Lok (The Bow) (1940) is a creation, once referred to as »the timelesness over the sights of time«. Everything in this most delicate creation, signed by Pia and Pino Mlakar, is entirely imbued with the charm of an enormously sensitive intimacy.

The wire

Vlasto Dedović (1934–2013) has dedicated himself to Slovenian ballet ever since he arrived in Ljubljana, where he – except for the few years he stayed in Sweden –, lived, recreated and created the image of Slovenian ballet art. Friendships with many creators from other artistic genres not only enriched him, but also persuaded him that a fulfilling dialogue between various artists was a perfect guiding star for the achievement of his creative goals. Thus his choreographic debut Žica (The Wire) (1976) also stemmed from his inspiring collaboration with the composer Janez Gregorc (1934–2012) and the fine artist Jože Spacal (1939).

The pastoral symphony

The choreographer Milko Šparemblek (1928) is a third ballet cosmopolitan among the ballet artists, whose works are to be revived on our stage. He staged his Pastoral Symphony to the eponymous composition by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827) for our ballet ensemble in 1986. Despite his venerable age, his presence will offer us a precious encounter with one of the great, still living artists of Slovenian and European ballet.