Urša Vidmar wins the Lydia Wisiak Award for Significant Artistic Achievements in the realm of Ballet Arts

On Friday, 3rd February 2012, the Professional Commission for Awards and Recognitions of the Association of Ballet Artists of Slovenia has presented at the Slovenian National Theatre in Maribor the Lydia Wisiak Award for Significant Artistic Achievements in the realm of Ballet Arts for 2011 to the ballerina URŠA VIDMAR for an outstanding artistic creation of the role of Effie in La Sylphide, choreographed by August Bournonville, staged by Frank Anderson and performed by the ensemble of the Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana. 



The exceptionally sensitive and emotional ballet artist Frank Anderson, who has created the ballet La Sylphide after the original choreography by August Bournonville, has not only been an Artistic Director of the Royal Danish Ballet for two mandates but also a great preserver of Bournonville's traditional style and ballets.  He has been strictly complying with the Bournonville's rules, for dance is a form of art that demands talent, knowledge and ability; and the beautiful art as well, endeavouring to reach its ideal not only with representation, but also with lyrical interpretation.   

When preserving the Bournonville's tradition the Danes are trying to strictly comply with the principle that the dancers should dance his ballets with love, for only thus they will be appreciated by the audience as well.

And this demand was indeed entirely met by the dancer Urša Vidmar, when performing her role of Effie. She created it with an exceptionally strong personality, accurate performance and sensitively relieved dramaturgical arch in all its colourfulness. Thus, Effie, who came to life on stage simply and sincerely, reached the spectators' hearts.   

Therefore, it is no coincidence that at the reception, thrown by His Excellency Karsten Van Nielson, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark, and attended by the performance's creative team, respectable representatives of the Slovenian ballet arts and the authoress of the Danish book, dealing exclusively with the ballet La Sylphide, the creation of Effie by Urša Vidmar was specially exposed. All the present have publicly expressed their surprise and enthusiasm that there are hundreds of different Effies dancing all over the world, yet Urša Vidmar has managed to find a way of its new, original interpretation, praised even in the Danish ballet circles.